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Tag: Bee Plants

Native California Plants for Native Bees and Pollinators

It is important to keep in mind when planting to use a variety of flowers that will provide access to our great range of pollinators. Equally important is providing food for pollinators year round. This can be achieved by keeping in mind a calendar of color when you are choosing your plants.

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Wildflower Seed Mixes

Tree of Life Nursery offers several native wildflower seed mixes which are an excellent addition to drought tolerant landscapes. The blends were developed for use

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Native Bees: Biology, Bee-havior, & Research

honey bees aren’t the only pollinator that helps plants thrive. Southern California is a biodiversity hotspot, home to over 700 species of native bees. As urban development marches on, native plant gardens can be a crucial stepping stone for wild bees.

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Spring into Summer!

The days have become warmer and we are all enjoying longer hours of daylight… including your native plants in the landscape!  You may have noticed

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